Unique dining experiences to make you a fearless foodie

Cape Town’s culinary scene is a wonderland of South African food. Here entertainment goes hand-in-hand with the dishes and cocktails.  The one thing you can expect is the unexpected.

Follow us down the rabbit hole of unique dining experiences in the heart of the Mother City.

StarDust Theatrical Dining

When people say it’s more than just a restaurant, StarDust is what they are referring to. This is the ‘home of the singing waiter’. Book a table in advance to avoid disappointment and prepare for a 3-course or 4-course Mediterranean feast with live entertainment courtesy of your waiter.

The main menu favourites include the Tagine dishes and the lamb shank slow-roasted to perfection, served with buttery mash and steamed vegetables (it’s the one to try), while your waiter serves you a healthy dollop of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning.

As the food is devoured and plates cleared away, the lights are turned down and the waiters take the stage. The talent on offer is thrilling and patrons are left speechless until the last stirring note – until the room erupts in whistles, screams, and thunderous applause.

There’s a buffet of popular music genres to choose from including contemporary and classic through the ages and some timeless opera for good measure. By the end of the evening, dancing on tables is encouraged and the party keeps going for as long as you can.


Clay Cafe In The City

Clay Cafe is a space that adds comfort to the soul. It must be the combination of losing yourself in the art of painting while indulging in good food and cocktails to keep your creative juices flowing and your mind at complete ease.

The concept is simple yet brilliant, unique, and especially rewarding. Guests choose a piece of pottery to paint, along with the colours, brushes, and stickers to add an extra special touch. A fully-loaded cocktail bar churns out the inspiration and the kitchen turns out the most delicious tapas, pizza, burgers and desserts. The Arancini is world-class and so is the roasted cauliflower – but if you really want to try something outrageous, the caramel corn cheesecake is the one!

Here, minutes turn into hours, and before you know it you have a piece of art reflective of your mood. Clay Cafe In The City, located in Bree Street, caters more to an adult crowd, while the Hout Bay branch is more child-friendly.  Book in advance as there is limited seating – and don’t forget to fill up your soul.


Blondie Restaurant

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Blondie in Kloof Street yet, consider this your cue. Here’s the catch though, the unique quality of this restaurant is not defined by any one aspect but rather by a collection of many elements.

The name Blondie comes from a winning racehorse that the owners bet on but it’s the decor that makes this restaurant unusual. There is a poster of Lady Diana at the bar, a massive swordfish mounted on a wall, and a display of mini washing machines.

The most fascinating aspect of this restaurant is the food. There are 13 menu items listed. They make a masterful beef Prego roll; it’s all in the sauce, succulent cut of beef, and the freshly baked bun. The showstopper is without a doubt the Fire Aubergine. Yes, you heard it right. The eggplant is roasted with spices and a lashing of tahini then laid bare on soft pita bread. Just scoop, eat and repeat. Other items include pitas, charred cauliflower, short rib, and fish.

Blondie has created a space for all – you can choose to listen to your own playlist if you request it and the only rule is that there are no rules, just simple food made great and fun, lots of unhindered fun.


Food Jams

Get ready for a massive amount of fun while cooking up a feast with friends and strangers. Food Jams redefines the task of creating a fully loaded table of food by injecting humour and high energy into the experience.

The fun, which kickstarts the minute you enter the room, is channelled through raucous chefs and helpers and ends when they salute you goodbye.Teams are chosen randomly by the hosts and a set menu is placed on each table. Each team member gets to pick what they would like to cook and the games begin.

Between the encouragement of ‘yes chef, you got this chef’ and the bellowing sing-along-music, it’s hard not to get swept up into the chaos of cooking. The one rule is that your glass is not allowed to be empty or you will be fined. It’s called fuel for the cause. I take my chef’s hat off to the organisers for keeping the pace of the evening going.

When the dancing, dicing, frying, and baking is complete, you sit down to a feast fit for a king with your new best friends and soak up the accomplishment. To say this is a unique dining experience is an understatement!


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