See spooky Simon’s Town during a ghost walk

Get the lowdown on the Lavender Lady, shocking exhumations, creepy hotel shenanigans, and graveyard figures during a spine-chilling ghost walk in Simon’s Town.

In addition to its picturesque beaches, world-renowned eateries, and adorable colony of African penguins, this seaside town is also known for its ghosts lurking in the shadows.

Local tour guide Andre Leibbranbt started this one-of-a-kind ghost walk six years ago as a way to earn an income.

A non-believer at first, Leibbranbt delved into history books and spent hours researching the town’s ghostly past to prepare him for the tour.

As he shared his insight on the spooky and strange and met many paranormal enthusiasts along the way, he soon realised that other beings were walking among them…literally!

Some of his guests experienced a few sightings of mysterious beings at the graveyard, in alleyways and in historical buildings.

The 62-year-old is now a firm believer of all things paranormal and is enthusiastic to regale some of those tales.

The tour  

The ghost walk takes place daily and is weather permitting. Meet Leibbranbt at Jubilee Square, a central attraction with curio stalls, restaurants, and a famous statue of Just Nuisance, for a brief introduction and photographs at 6pm.

Leibbranbts showcases the streets and buildings during the stroll, highlighting the weird, wacky and downright creepy parts of Simon’s Town.

You will get to check out sites affiliated with ghost sightings like Cafe Pescado, British Hotel, Lord Nelson Inn, churches, schools and other historical attractions.

Besides the startling stories of ghosts, you’ll also run into menacing baboons that will either scare you or put a smile on your face.

The Seaforth Cemetery is one of the highlights of the walk.

Wander through the graves to learn about some of the famous people buried there and the mysterious figures caught on camera.

The tour ends at a local restaurant if you want to socialise over a drink, meal or share ghost stories.

Leibbranbt also hosts ghost drives where he takes guests to other haunting spots not covered on the walk.

What to bring 

Come prepared for a few ghostly sightings by packing a few essentials. These include:

*Jacket or something warm.

*Comfortable shoes.


*Flashlight camera.

*Snacks and beverages.


The ghost walk is R200 per person, and R300 if you include a meal. Contact Leibbranbt on his Facebook page at or on WhatsApp at 076 190 4081.

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