NFL Twitter roasts Dolphins for butt-punt block: Funniest memes and tweets

The Miami Dolphins punted the ball off their own player’s butt. It’s real, and NFL Twitter could not contain themselves.

Why couldn’t it have been the New York Jets?

Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble will live on in infamy for decades, but we have a new entrant. The Dolphins submitted their own masterpiece on Sunday afternoon — the butt-punt fumble. Yes, it’s new and trendy.

The Dolphins would go on to win the game, but a safety didn’t make things any easier on their defense. It handed the ball back to the high-powered Bills offense needing only a field goal to take the late lead.

Thankfully for Miami, their defense was able to stand tall.

Dolphins butt-punt block: Funniest memes and tweets

The butt punt/butt safety/butt punt-fumble led to an all-time finish in Miami, and that’s about all we can ask. A Week 3 matchup between two of the best offenses in football resulted in a lower-scoring affair than expected.

Perhaps the most memorable play of all involved a safety, and the butt of a special teams player.

With the win, the Dolphins are atop the AFC East, with two wins against divisional opponents to open the year. A win against New England was expected, to a certain extent — Miami always plays the Patriots well at home. But defeating Buffalo, arguably the favorite to win the Super Bowl this season?

Now, we’re all paying attention to the Dolphins.

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