Former Texas QB blasts program due to lack of players getting cars

Former Texas starting quarterback Casey Thompson crushes the program because the players did not get enough free cars.

Welcome to the wonderful world of NIL, as former Texas quarterback Casey Thompson puts the Longhorns program on blast over … automobiles.

Yes, you heard that right. The richest college football program went cheap when it came to cars, as Thompson said on Bussin’ With The Boys earlier this week. He was one of only three players on the football program that got a vehicle in Austin. Conversely, Thompson said roughly 17 or 18 players are able to get cars on his new college football team in the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Nebraska is committed to returning to prominence on the gridiron, as they are willing to compensate their players in a manner where they can make over six figures.

Casey Thompson crushes Texas on its inability to get its top players cars

If you needed any more proof as to why Texas is not back, here you go. In the era of NIL, should the starting quarterback of the Longhorns get a car from an Austin dealership? Probably, as should their best player in running back Bijan Robinson and several others. However, one would think getting a blue-blood to a meaningless bowl game would be a bigger priority for a quarterback.

In essence, Thompson leaves a bad Texas program for a Nebraska one that may never be back. But hey, at least every redshirt, blackshirt and greyshirt under the sun in Lincoln can get a truck of their choosing. Besides, getting to a bowl game in the most critical year of the Scott Frost era is far less important than this. Nebraska wants to be good again, but heaping sums of cash is not a panacea.

Ultimately, NIL might help programs like Nebraska more than anything. For downtrodden blue-bloods that desperately want to return to prominence, how badly do they want it? Texas is down as well, as too many cooks in the kitchen have rendered them a Big 12 afterthought and soon to be SEC cannon fodder. They have time to fix this, but this is the harsh reality of the Texas football.

Cars or no cars, both Nebraska and Texas need to push towards bowl eligibility this season or else.

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