Trump asks the Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago documents scandal

Donald Trump wrote a letter to a big fan of his, asking for assistance.

On Monday, the public learned that Donald Trump packed up the classified documents himself, tried to get an attorney to lie about returning everything, and that some of the items the National Archives was most interested in—including the letter from President Barack Obama and Trump’s correspondence with Kim Jung Un—are still missing. Naturally, this is the perfect time for Trump to take the whole thing to the Supreme Court and ask that they stop the Department of Justice from investigating possible criminal charges.

The application itself is full of the same kind of overbearing, half-baked language that has featured in every document that has come from Trump’s legal team in this ever-growing scandal, including claims that the 11th Circuit stay, rather than Judge Aileen Cannon’s extraordinary ruling, is a threat to legal precedent, and that the search itself “erodes public confidence in our system.”

There’s no reason to think the Supreme Court should consider this for a moment, or to believe that any kind of temporary injunction might be issued that would interfere in the work of the DOJ, or of special master Judge Raymond Dearie. Well, no reason except for the heading on the application:

To: The Honorable Clarence Thomas, Circuit Justice for the Eleventh Circuit:

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