‘Republicans plot vengeance on Jan. 6 committee.’ This is news?

Gee, Axios, you don’t say: “Republicans plot vengeance on Jan. 6 committee.” 

How slow of a news day is it that we needed to be told—without any new facts or quotes from named individuals—that Republicans would like to use a congressional majority to try to discredit whatever conclusions the Jan. 6 select committee eventually releases? 

One of the Republicans cited by Alayna Treene and Jonathan Swan as plotting vengeance already lost his primary, so he won’t be doing squat. There will be plenty to take his place, of course: “When Republicans retake the majority, we will exercise our oversight responsibilities including subpoena authority to review all transcripts and information that the committee has access to in order to identify the truth,” according to an unnamed “senior GOP staffer on the House Administration Committee.”

But there’s nothing new here. Republicans will always use any power they have not to improve people’s lives or invest in infrastructure or avert climate disaster, but to attack Democrats in hopes of getting more power. And creating an official narrative that the attack on the U.S. Capitol was no big deal is an important part of that goal, as is attacking Democrats for having investigated at all. After all, Republicans shot down the attempt to create an independent bipartisan commission to investigate—because they did not want an investigation, and if there had to be one, they wanted to be able to attack it as partisan and have reporters of the Axios variety accept that more or less at face value.

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