News Roundup: A bad day for Donald Trump, Alex Jones, government toilets and multiple senators

Did I flush the toilet? I think I did, but … hmm.

Well, that is … something.

It was a very busy day for Republican crimes and humiliations—so busy that we can’t even mention more than a scrap of it. Aside from a federal search warrant executed at a former certain president’s for-profit house: Alex Jones’ troubles continue with a report that the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 coup attempt is now in possession of his text messages for the period in question. New photos of Donald Trump’s own crimes and humiliations have surfaced in the form of pictures of what had previously just been reported: torn-up documents soaking at the bottom of a White House toilet.

Republican senators are once again dodging questions about the clear absurdity of both the party’s candidates and its civil rights opposition. Oh, and a company selling pro-insurrection merchandise was busted in what’s yet another case of far-right conservatives defrauding each other at every possible turn. Bannon got a Trump pardon for his version. These guys just got fined.

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