Bolsonaro speaks of “dictatorship of the pen”

Bolsonaro speaks of “dictatorship of the pen”

Friday, February 11th 2022 – 09:08 UTC

John Jay would have replied that the courts had neither the purse nor the sword to have their rulings put into practice

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro Thursday said “dictatorship of the pen” ruled in his country but failed to elaborate on his comments, which were construed as aimed at the Federal Supreme Court (STF) with which the head of state has been at odds.

To the allegations of a “dictatorship of the pen,” former US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay would have replied that the courts had neither the purse nor the sword to have their rulings put into practice.

“What is the difference between a dictatorship made through weapons, like those of Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries, with a dictatorship that comes through pens? There is no difference, and you know what is happening in Brazil,” Bolsonaro told a group of supporters, one of whom added Brazil was under “the dictatorship of the pens and the microphones,” in obvious reference to the press.

The STF is investigating Bolsonaro for spreading “fake news” regarding the trustworthiness of the country’s electronic ballot systeam ahead of the Oct. 2 presidential elections.

“I believe in God and I believe that in the next few days something is going to happen that is going to save us in Brazil,” Bolsonaro continued, to which the small crowd replied “Amen, glory to God.”

Bolsonaro has allegedly spread inaccurate information against democratic institutions in 2021.

STF Justice Alexandre de Moraes had summoned Bolsonaro to render face-to-face testimony at the Federal Police headquarters in Brasilia in an investigation involving him for having disclosed confidential information through social media.

Bolsonaro failed to comply and a few days later did not attend the opening ceremony for the 2022 judicial year at the STF palace.

Thursday’s words by the head of state seem by all accounts to be in line with the rift between the Executive and the Judiciary.

According to a Quaest/Genial survey released Wednesday, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of the Workers’ Party (PT, left) is poised to win the elections without the need of a runoff with 45% of the votes, while Bolsonaro would get 23%. Ciro Gomes and Sergio Moro would get 7% each.

In this scenario, Bolsonaro constantly addresses evangelical groups with conservative views and strengthening his ties with members of the Armed Forces and security forces. According to O Globo, two retired generals are vying for the vice presidency under Bolsonaro in the October elections – Minister of Institutional Security Augusto Heleno and Defense Minister Walter Souza Braga Netto. Current Vice President Hamilton Mourao is also a retired Army general.

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