(Video) Celebrity MUA Olivia Song Has A Message For “Miserable Black” Women Who Have A Problem With Her Wearing Braids

On Thursday, celebrity MUA, Olivia Song, had a few interesting things to see to women who questioned her Blackness.

After getting chin and arm lipo, Olivia shared a post on her IG page of a commenter allegedly mentioning she wants to be Black. The comment read:

Okay not too much now. We know you wanna be Black, but getting braids??? Too far and you know this!


Olivia took took to her IG stories to address the comment and people who question her Blackness.

She said in a video:

You miserable Black b****es gonna have enough of telling me I’m tryna be Black. My daddy is a n**a. I’m mixed, B***H!

She continued to tell people to come see her.

Book me and bring that energy to where I’m at. It’s so easy, book me. Bring that energy. You gon’ get spit on over here.

Olive also said:

I don’t give a f**k , if I was Irish. If I wanted to get braids, I’ll get braids. and ain’t nobody gonna f***king check me. Are you stupid?

She followed up with an apology to “real Black women” and wrote, in part:

I’m sorry to the real Black women that don’t perpetuate colorism or question people’s “Blackness” or accused mixed women of appropriating a culture I was born into.

Olivia went on to also say that she knows it’s “more of these type of women [than] the ignorant ones.

Olivia also posted a video of her speaking to her Nigerian father.

Roomies, what do you think about this?

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